A downloadable game for Windows

A short murder mystery made in two weeks by a two-man team for the 1-Room RPG Jam #2.  The music and sounds are royalty free, not made by us, with the exception of the piano melody played by one of the characters.

There are ten possible outcomes!  Can you find the killer?

Update - minor bug fixes.  Evidence can now be reviewed after collected.


MurderAtFernwright1.1.zip 425 MB

Development log


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However, I did really like this game. I thought it was very creative.

Ok so I was playing this game and then noticed that you can actually walk through the wall that is behind you at the very start of the game. And when you do, the place disappears and everything is all white.

Every time I play I notice new bugs, but I didn't catch that one.  Thanks for the feedback!  We're considering a small polishing/cleanup pass in the future, so I'll add that to our list.

Maybe the butler did it? 

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